Terms of Sales


The organizer sets the dates and location of the event, the price of stands and ancillary services, the price of entries as well as the closing date for registrations. It determines the categories of exhibitors and the nomenclature of the activities presented linked to the distribution sector in reusable packaging or in bulk.

In the event of force majeure or for major, unforeseeable or economic reasons (strikes, price increases, bad weather, social or health crises, etc.), the dates and location may be modified. The organizer is exempt from all responsibilities concerning possible damages (including disturbances of enjoyment and all commercial damages) which could be suffered in connection with the event by the exhibitors, for any reason whatsoever and in particular for modification of the dates and venues, delay in opening, cancellation or premature end of the event, closure or destruction of stands, fire and any disaster, total or partial destruction of installations and premises. The exhibitor assumes the risks linked to the possible non-completion of the event and in particular the exclusive responsibility for the costs which he may have incurred in anticipation of the event.


2.1 Exhibitor registrations are reserved for members of the Réseau Vrac et Réemploi association who are up to date with their contributions before and during the show. Any member wishing to submit an address to the organizer a registration request via the online form. The date the registration request is sent (step 2 of online registration) is decisive for the pricing applicable to the exhibitor.

2.2 After validation of the online registration request by the organizer, the exhibitor accesses his online space where he must accept these general conditions of sale. This step constitutes the validation of the participation contract resulting in the exhibitor’s firm and irrevocable commitment to pay the entire price of the stand rental and additional services ordered.

With the exception of cases of co-exhibition declared and accepted by the organizer, only one location per company will be granted.

Validated participation contracts are taken into account by the organizer by activity category, by order of arrival and within the limits of available locations per zone.

2.3 The organizer reserves the right to reject totally or partially, provisionally or definitively, any registration request or any participation contract which does not meet the conditions required with regard to the stipulations of the participation contract. He is not required to provide reasons for rejection decisions.

2.4 May in particular constitute grounds for rejection, definitive or provisional, non-payment of the membership fee to the Réseau Vrac et Réemploi association, lack of space for the category of activity represented or the service concerned, lack of payments or guarantees required by the organizer, non-compliance with these general conditions, the status of cessation of payments by the exhibitor.

2.5 The exhibitor must inform the organizer of any element or event that has occurred or been revealed since his registration request, and which is likely to justify a re-examination of his request with regard to articles 2.2 to 2.4.

2.6 If the registration request is sent to the organizer no later than 2 (two) months before the date of the show, the organizer sends the member a deposit invoice corresponding to 50% of the total amount excluding tax of the contract . The balance invoice will be sent to the exhibitor no later than 2 (two) months before the date of the show, after validation of the implementation.

If the registration request is sent to the organizer during the 2 (two) months preceding the date of the show, the organizer sends the member an invoice corresponding to the total amount excluding tax of the contract, after validation of the implantation.

Upon receipt of the invoice(s), the exhibitor sends payment in accordance with the terms provided for in article 6.2. Failure to pay an invoice within the allotted time constitutes grounds for rejection of the participation contract by the organizer.

2.7 In the event of non-occupancy of the stand for any reason, the exhibitor is considered to have resigned and the sums paid are retained by the organizer even in the event of re-rental to another person.

In the event of cancellation by the exhibitor up to two (2) months before the show, the organizer keeps the amount of the deposit paid by the exhibitor.

In the event of cancellation by the exhibitor less than two (2) months before the show, the organizer retains, as compensation, all sums owed by the exhibitor.

No refund of amounts paid by the exhibitor will be due in the event of cancellation, postponement, change of general location of the show or early closing of the doors, due to an unforeseeable force majeure event ( strikes, price increases, bad weather, social or health crises, etc.) not attributable to the organizer.


3.1 The organizer establishes the plan of the show and distributes the locations according in particular to the categories of activities represented, the nature of the products exhibited, the date of validation of the participation contract, the date of receipt of the payment of the invoice(s) issued and the technical needs expressed by the exhibitors in the validated contract. Location wishes (proximity or distance from other companies) are possible, the organizer doing his best to take them into consideration but cannot commit to respecting them. For any location that does not satisfy the exhibitor, the organizer will offer, within its possibilities, a maximum of 2 other choices.

3.2 Given the constraints imposed by the placement of all exhibitors, validation of the participation contract by the exhibitor does not confer any right to the use of a specific location.

3.3 In the interest of the event, the organizer reserves the right to modify within a limit of 20% the surfaces requested by the exhibitor and the corresponding invoicing, without the exhibitor being able to request the cancellation of his participation contract.


4.1 The organizer sends to the exhibitor at the latest 2 (two) months before the start date of the show, the “technical guide” which determines in particular the time allowed for the exhibitor to proceed with the installation of his stand and store there what he will need during the event.

4.2 Exhibitors or their subcontractors must have completed their installation by the deadlines set by the organizer.

4.3 The installation of stands must not, under any circumstances, damage or modify the permanent installations of the exhibition venue and the furniture made available to exhibitors, and they must not affect the convenience or safety of other exhibitors and visitors.

4.4 The layout of the stands is carried out by the exhibitors and under their responsibility. The organizer reserves the right to refuse the arrangement or presentation of a stand which does not meet the general criteria of the show.

4.5 The exhibitor or its subcontractors must comply throughout the event with the security measures imposed by the public authorities or taken by the organizer.

4.6 The organizer declines all responsibility regarding installations carried out by exhibitors or their subcontractors. Exhibitors or their subcontractors take the locations and furniture made available to them in the condition in which they find them and must leave them in the same condition. Any loss, theft or deterioration, in particular of the premises and installations in which the show is held, or of the furniture made available to exhibitors, caused by an exhibitor or by its installations, materials or goods, is the responsibility of the exhibitor. .


5.1 It is strictly forbidden to transfer, sublet or exchange, free of charge or for a fee, all or part of a stand or location.

5.2 The stand must be permanently occupied both during opening hours for exhibitors (including assembly, delivery and dismantling) and during official opening hours for visitors.

5.3 Only certain stands are authorized to receive a co-exhibitor in accordance with the rules appearing in the participation contract. The co-exhibitor must be a member of Réseau Vrac et Réemploi who is up to date with his subscription on the day of the show. Food products and non-food products (cosmetics or detergents) cannot be the subject of co-exposure.
The co-exhibitor must complete an online registration form and pay the show registration fees. It is subject to the rights and obligations of this contract.


6.1 The price of stands and ancillary services is set by the organizer and may be revised by the latter, particularly in the event of modification of the elements which compose it.

6.2 The amount(s) invoiced are due within 15 (fifteen) from the date of issue of the invoice. The exhibitor undertakes to pay the amounts due by check or bank transfer within the time limit. Any sum due to the organizer and not paid within the allotted time period entitles the organizer to a penalty, automatically, without the need for formal notice, equal to three times the rate. of legal interest in force. Pursuant to Article L. 441-6 of the Commercial Code, any delay in payment also renders the debtor liable for legal recovery compensation, without prejudice to other remedies that the organizer may be entitled to exercise. in compensation for damage caused by non-compliance with these general conditions of sale. In particular, the organizer reserves the right to terminate the participation contract of the defaulting exhibitor and to resume free use of the location and the stand, without prejudice to any action for compensation for damage caused by the failure of the exhibitor. exponent.

GOODS – Article 7

7.1 Each exhibitor is responsible for the transport and reception of the goods and products intended for them. He is required to comply with the organizer’s instructions relating to the regulation of entry and exit of goods and products.

7.2 Exhibitors undertake to only present goods and products that comply with the nomenclature. The products and services presented must comply with the standards and rules, particularly security and intellectual property, in force.

7.3 Sales involving immediate and on-site delivery are prohibited.


8.1 The exhibitor is responsible for ensuring the intellectual protection of the materials, products and services that he exhibits (patents, trademarks, models, etc.), in accordance with the legal and regulatory provisions in force. These measures must be taken before the presentation of the materials, products or services, the organizer accepting no responsibility in this area, particularly in the event of a dispute with another exhibitor or a visitor.

8.2 In the absence of an agreement between the organizer and SACEM, exhibitors must deal directly with SACEM if they use music within the event, even for simple demonstrations of sound equipment, the organizer accepting no responsibility in this regard.

8.3 The exhibitor only presents products and/or services that comply with the values ​​of the bulk and reuse sectors: substitution of single-use disposable packaging with reusable or reusable packaging or containers.

8.4. The exhibitor undertakes to use reusable or reusable packaging, containers, stand protections at the Bulk and Reuse Show (cups, water bottles, crockery, cutlery, etc.), and to prohibit any disposable packaging waste. . The use of single-use plastic packaging or containers should be avoided.


9.1 The organizer determines the schedule for setting up and dismantling the show.

The stands and locations will be made available to exhibitors and dismantled in accordance with the instructions in the Technical Guide. Stand maintenance must remain impeccable throughout the event.

9.2 Failure by an exhibitor to comply with the deadline for occupying the spaces authorizes the organizer to claim payment of late penalties and damages.

9.3 Exhibitors must leave the locations and furniture made available to them in the condition in which they found them. Any damage caused by their installations or their goods, whether to the equipment, the building, or the occupied land, will be assessed by the organizer and charged to the responsible exhibitors.

9.4 In the stands, it is forbidden to dig into the ground, cut or damage, in any way, the partitions, floors or ceilings and all the equipment provided by the organizer. The use of stand walls, posts or floors to support weight or mechanical forces is strictly prohibited; any infringement would result in full liability of the exhibitor in the event of damage, inconvenience to neighbors or accident.


10.1 The exhibitor undertakes to respect the security measures imposed by the administrative or judicial authorities, as well as any security measures taken by the organizer.

10.2 The arrangements made by the exhibitor are made under his own responsibility. They must comply with the rules appearing in the technical guide given to the exhibitor.

10.3 Exhibitors undertake during assembly, dismantling and during the course of the event, to only employ duly declared people and under the conditions set by the laws and regulations in force regarding working conditions. They will impose the same constraints on their subcontractors. Checks, at the sole initiative of the labor inspectorate, are likely to occur during the preparation and during the event. The organizer declines all responsibility.


11.1 It is prohibited to place advertising panels or signs outside the stands in points other than those reserved for this use. In the event of an infringement, the organizer will remove, at the expense and risk of the exhibitor, and without any prior notice, the elements affixed in violation of these regulations.

11.2 The organizer is the sole holder of the editorial, publication and distribution rights, whether paid or not, of the event catalog. It may grant all or part of these rights as well as the advertising included in this catalog. The information necessary for drawing up the catalog will be provided by the exhibitors under their responsibility and within the deadline set by the organizer. The organizer declines all responsibility for any involuntary errors or omissions that may occur.

11.3 Circulars, brochures, printed catalogs, etc. may only be distributed by exhibitors on their stand. Any propaganda, distribution of leaflets or prospectuses is prohibited in the common or public areas of the event. The same goes for exteriors close to the event.

11.4 Any light or sound advertising, and all activities, shows, or demonstrations likely to cause crowds in the aisles, must be subject to the prior approval of the organizer who may revoke any authorization granted, in the event of inconvenience. made to the circulation or holding of the event.

11.5 Loud advertising and soliciting, in whatever way they are practiced, are strictly prohibited. Exhibitors must in no case obstruct the aisles or encroach on them, except with exceptional, prior written authorization from the organizer.

11.6 Exhibitors undertake to present only products, services or materials that comply with French or European regulations, and not to carry out any advertising likely to mislead or constitute unfair competition or an act of counterfeiting. They assume full responsibility, vis-à-vis third parties, the organizer’s liability cannot, in any way, be incurred by them.

11.7 All machines and/products demonstrated must be equipped with a safety device. Demonstrations must always be free for visitors.

11.8 The Show logo belongs to the organizer. Any use by a third party is prohibited without express prior authorization.

11.9 Prior to any film shooting, photo and video reporting, for commercial purposes or not, the exhibitor must request express written authorization from the organizer.


12.1 Badges and, where applicable, invitations giving access to the event are, under conditions determined by the organizer, issued to exhibitors.

12.2 The distribution, reproduction and/or sale of entry fees issued by the organizer is strictly prohibited within and around the Show under penalty of legal proceedings.

12.3 The event is accessible to people with disabilities or reduced mobility. Any development modifying the existing conditions of accessibility for disabled people with reduced mobility must be the subject of an opinion from the accessibility subcommittee.


13.1 The organizer has taken out insurance against the financial consequences of its civil liability as organizer.

13.2 The exhibitor is required to take out, at his own expense, all insurance covering the risks that he and his staff run, or pose to third parties. He must prove this, upon confirmation of his registration, by producing a certificate.

The organizer is deemed to be released from all liability, particularly in the event of loss, theft or damage of any kind.

The exhibitor waives all recourse against the organizer, the owner of the event site and their insurers, for any bodily, material or immaterial damage which is not directly caused by these people.


14.1 Any violation of the provisions of the participation contract, these general conditions and/or the specifications of the Technical Guide issued by the organizer, may, without prejudice to any other proceedings, result, if necessary with the assistance of law enforcement, the closure of the stand of the offending exhibitor.

14.2 This is particularly the case for lack of insurance, non-compliance with the layout of the stand, non-compliance with safety rules, non-occupancy of the stand, etc.
Compensation is then due by the exhibitor as damages for moral or material harm caused to other exhibitors, visitors, the organizer and/or the owner of the premises.

14.3 In the event of a dispute between the parties, they seek, before any contentious action, an amicable agreement within the framework of mediation and provide each other with all necessary information for this purpose. In the absence of an amicable agreement, all disputes or disputes fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the city of Paris.

French law is the only applicable law.


The organizer reserves the right to collect data on the exhibitor/user, in particular via forms. The collection of data by the organizer is necessary to take into account user requests (registration, mention on the website and catalog) In accordance with current European regulations, exhibitors/users have the following rights:
● Right of access and rectification, updating, completeness of User data, right to lock or erase User data of a personal nature, when it is inaccurate, incomplete, equivocal, out of date, or whose collection, use, communication or storage is prohibited
● Right to withdraw consent at any time
● Right to limit the processing of User data
● Right to object to the processing of User data
● Right to portability of data that Users have provided, when this data is subject to automated processing based on their consent or on a contract
● Right to define the fate of User data after their death
To exercise their rights, the user can contact the organizer in writing at the following address: contact@salonduvrac.com.